New advert depicts photograph greyhound accidents and confinement

via: Jake Stofan | Capitol information provider June 1, 2018

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. CNS — picture greyhound racing accidents and residing situations are the area of a brand new tv ad quickly to be launched in Florida.

It’s part of a new ad campaign backed by using a seven-determine purchase through offer protection to dogs – yes on 13.

The aim is to exhibit the public the negative aspect of video kartun bola piala dunia 2018 greyhound racing earlier than they vote on no matter if to ban it in November.

“This video shines a lightweight on the cruelty,” talked about Kate MacFall with the protect dogs – yes on 13 crusade.

Jack Cory, a lobbyist for the Florida Greyhound affiliation, says the pictures in the advert don’t characterize the industry as a whole.

“We pastime the dogs all week, we give them all the correct meals, we supply them the proper care. We primarily supply them the proper love,” noted Cory.

pro greyhound racing advocates say if americans in fact wish to offer protection to animals, they should center of attention their attention on animal shelters and not racing.

“one hundred fifteen.”000 animals are deliberately murdered within the state of Florida each year,” spoke of Cory.

however Greyhound rescuer Sonia Stratemann says greyhound injuries and deaths are extra regular than the industry needs to confess.

“The state of Florida handiest requires recording the deaths of the dogs at the music, so the canine that I get in are not recorded,” pointed out Stratemenn. “no person is aware of there’s no recording of any of that.”

The crusade predicts once Floridians see the ad, the passage of modification 13 is all however assured.

“Florida voters care about canines, love canine and should vote yes on amendment 13,” mentioned MacFall.

give protection to canines – sure on 13 officially kicks off its crusade Monday.

they say this advert could be the first of many voters will see earlier than November.

professional racing advocates have filed a lawsuit to have change 13 faraway from the ballot arguing its language is deceptive to voters.

A listening to for the case has yet to be scheduled.

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